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The WAWSL Referee Program

The WAWSL Referee Program

All teams in WAWSL must provide at least one certified referee for at least 5 WAWSL games per season. The ultimate goal of the WAWSL Referee Program is to establish an in-house WAWSL referee pool. In the past, WAWSL used outside referee assignors. While our assignors always found officials for us, WAWSL was not their first priority. Outside assignors must first satisfy their larger clients such as the youth and men's leagues. Since the demand for referees far exceeded the supply, outside assignors could not find three refs for our games. The WAWSL Referee Program allows us to provide a 3-referee system for almost all WAWSL games, while at the same time developing soccer knowledge and leadership among WAWSL players.

Note: WAWSL has suspended the referee requirement for the 2016 spring season. 

To get assigned to ref WAWSL games, you must contact the WAWSL referee assignor at Globalprisms@yahoo.com 

All referees must be certified as a Grade 8 referee with the US Soccer Federation, which requires taking a 16-hour class. If you need certification, classes can be found at www.vadcsoccerref.com

WAWSL current pay rates are $60 for the center referee and $45 for each assistant referee. 

For more information on refereeing for WAWSL, visit the following pages:

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