Women's Soccer in D.C. since 1982



Team Representative Responsibilities

Registration and Rosters

  • Make sure your players know how to register.  Forward the registration instructions provided.
  • Players must officially register online prior to their first game, and must bring with them a printed registration receipt or valid player pass.  Any team that uses an unregistered player will forfeit those games, with a -1 point penalty in the standings.
  • A team that picks up players from another team will forfeit that game, even if the other team grants permission.  A team can pick up players only if the game is mutually agreed to be a scrimmage (forfeit penalties will still apply to the forfeiting team).  Referees are under no obligation to officiate a scrimmage.

Rainout Information

  • Make sure your players know how to find out rain-out information.  Players can check the website or call the WAWSL Hotline at (703) 827-7907 to determine if a game is rained out.
  • While every effort is made to update the hotline by 7am on game days, please check before your games if any late-developing storms are expected.

Field Set-up Responsibilities

  • Each team must bring two corner flags and two cones to every game.
  • The first teams to arrive must have the flags/cones up by game time.
  • If necessary, move goals into place on the goal line.  Teams playing in the first game of the day should budget an extra 5-10 minutes in case the goals need to be moved.
  • Successive teams trade their flags/cones with the teams that played before them.  If you do not have your equipment, one of the departing teams can take their equipment.
  • The last teams of the day take the flags/cones from the field.  If you do not, and your equipment is lost, you are responsible for acquiring new equipment (email fields@wawsl.org)

Scores and Cards

  • All scores must be reported within 48 hours on wawsl.org.  If you need the login information for your team, please contact commissioner@wawsl.org.
  • The maximum goal differential is 5 goals.  If your team wins by more than 5 goals, you can reflect this in the comments section of the game report.
  • In the event of a forfeit, please record the score as a 0-3 loss for the forfeiting team.
  • If you know in advance that your team will need to forfeit, please email commissioner@wawsl.org and refs@wawsl.org as soon as possible.
  • All yellow cards must be reported on the game report.  The player's name, number and reason for the card must be reported in the comments section.
  • All red cards must be reported to the league chair and to your division director within 48 hours.  The player's name, number and reason for the card must be reported.  The division director has the right to request further reports and follow up with the referee.  Additional disciplinary actions may also be necessary.

Color Conflicts

The home team is responsible for changing jerseys in case of a color conflict.  The home team is designated with a (h) on the schedule.  If there is not a color conflict, then your team must have jerseys that are the same color, each with a unique number on the back.  If you change jerseys because of a color conflict, the new jerseys must be the same color, but do not need to have unique numbers on the back.

Referee Requirement

Each team must provide a grade 8 certified referee for at least 5 WAWSL games. The referee must be currently registered on the roster of the WAWSL team to satisfy the requirement.  For more information on the WAWSL Referee Program, please check the website or email refs@wawsl.org.