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Professional Soccer Teams in the DC area:

Online Soccer Publications:

International, National, and Regional Soccer Associations:

Soccer Community Programs:

  • DC SCORES — An unique after school program that teaches DC kids soccer and creative writing.
  • Passback Program —  The Passback Program is a grassroots initiative designed to help meet the soccer uniform and equipment needs of all communities, regardless of income, gender or location. The Program, created by Eurosport and with the support of Major League Soccer (MLS), facilitates the collection and distribution of new and gently used equipment. It also allows individual soccer communities the opportunity to organize their own uniform and equipment donation drives for future distribution through the Passback Star Program. 
  • United for DC, Inc —  The charitable arm of DC United.  United for DC is committed to serving the Washington, D.C. community through the creation or support of programs, events and organizations that advance the educational and social welfare opportunities (primarily health and recreational) for the area’s youth, particularly those who may be economically, physically or mentally disadvantaged. 
  • DCSoccer.com - DC Center for the development and promotion of soccer.
  • City Football Club - City FC provide District youth with a program combining competitive soccer and first-rate mentorship and college preparation.

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Soccer Clinics:

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