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WAWSL is currently looking for new players for several teams and even new teams at all levels! We accept all levels of soccer from those who have never played soccer before (or haven't played in forever) to former D1 athletes and beyond; we have the right division for you! 
If you already have a group and would like to start a team, please see instructions/requirements here.

If you'd like to join as an individual, please submit your info HERE and you'll be placed on a team in late February 2019. Attendance at a New Player Practice is encouraged for better placement, but not required.
We can usually place you with friends as well. Please mention each other by name on the form.

New Player Practice will be held Saturday, February 23rd or Saturday, March 2nd - Time & Location TBD

Please submit a New Player Form at any time to be placed on a team! 

The Spring 2019 season is anticipated to start March 16, 2019. All new players will be assigned by the second week of March, then on a rolling basis.
If you have completed a New Player Form, you will be contacted by one of our New Player Coordinators about attending a new player practice.


Players can seek placement in WAWSL one of the following two ways:

1. If you already know a current WAWSL player who has room on their team's roster, contact the Team Representative directly. DO NOT complete a New Player Form if you are being directly recruited by a current WAWSL team.

2. If you have not been directly recruited by a current WAWSL team or do not already know a WAWSL player with room on their team's roster, you MUST complete WAWSL's New Player Form to be eligible for placement on a WAWSL team requesting new players. Players who do not have a New Player Form on file with the New Player Coordinators will NOT be placed on a team, regardless of whether or not you attend a New Player Practice. WAWSL Board members will not respond to e-mailed requests for placement on a team.

After completing and submitting the New Player Form, we strongly advise you attend a New Player Practice. You are not required to attend a New Player Practice to be placed on a WAWSL team, but WAWSL does assign priority placement to players who attend one of the practices. We cannot guarantee placement to anyone, but there is typically high demand for new players. The number of available spaces in WAWSL depends on team requests for players, and changes every season. 

NOTE: There are ONLY two methods by which you are eligible to register for a WAWSL season:

A) You contacted or were recruited directly by a WAWSL team, and have obtained prior permission to register from the Team Representative; or

B) You were placed on a team by the WAWSL New Player Coordinators and have been contacted by your new Team Representative about registration.

WAWSL is not liable for ineligible registrations (i.e., individuals who register for a team without being placed with that team or obtaining prior permission to register for that team). The introduction page on the WAWSL Registration Form explicitly states the requirements for registration; therefore, refunds will not be granted to individuals who register without first ensuring their eligibility.

For general information on WAWSL Registration, click here.

For information on the WAWSL Summer Session, click here.


NEW PLAYER PRACTICE: What are they, and why should I attend?

All levels of experience, ability, and fitness are welcome at WAWSL's New Player Practice. At the practice, the New Player Coordinators will help determine which division would be the best fit for you.
Saturday February 23rd or March 2nd; Time & Location TBD

If you cannot attend practice, you are still REQUIRED to complete and submit a New Player Form in order to be either:

A) placed with a team after all practice attendants have been placed; or
B) placed on the WAWSL New Player Waiting List, which will be used to supply teams with new players throughout the season (e.g., to replace injured players, no-shows, etc.).

The WAWSL New Player Waiting List does roll over between Spring and Fall seasons (but NOT summer session!), so one New Player Form is valid and current until you either accept or reject placement on a WAWSL team for a Spring or Fall season.

In case of inclement weather, please check WAWSL's Twitter feed (@WAWSL) or call the WAWSL hotline at 703-827-7907 to see if practices are cancelled.

What to Bring With You

Make sure to bring some water, as well as a light (white) colored shirt AND a dark (black or blue) colored shirt, numbered if possible. Cleats, shin guards, and soccer socks are not required for the new player practice but are highly recommended. Once the season begins, this equipment is mandatory. If you have a soccer ball please bring it.


WAWSL runs a smaller, less formal summer league on the weeknights starting in mid-July.  Games are 7v7 on smaller fields on the National Mall.  Space is more limited in the summer season and priority goes to players who are already in the league.

The New Player Coordinators take a break in the summer, so if you want to join a team for the summer league, post or respond to a "Players wanted for summer team" or "Players seeking summer teams" ad in the Exchange. Please do not post in the Exchange to find a spot for the fall season - follow the above procedures for "How to Join a Team" instead.


General Information About WAWSL 

The base cost to register for a 9-game season is approximately $100, although some teams may have additional fines or team dues.

Please read over our FAQs and About the League to learn more about WAWSL and the skill level of our six divisions. If you want to learn more about our Masters Division, check out our Masters FAQs. If you're new to the game, you might have a few questions about the rules of soccer. Check out our Soccer Primer if you want to find out more information about the game. If you need to buy equipment, visit our Equipment page to find soccer and sporting good stores in the area.


Thank you for your interest in the Washington Area Women's Soccer League!