Women's Soccer in D.C. since 1982

as of 2017


Note: In addition to fees below, players are also responsible for paying for the MDCVSA registration fee of $20 once per calendar year (spring-fall).
$115 per player
Player fees for Fall and Spring Seasons.
Base fee includes 9 games using a 3-referee system.
$70 per player
Substitute player fee for the Fall and Spring Seasons.
Each team may register up to 3 part-time players at this reduced rate.
$70 per player
Dual registration fee for Fall and Spring Seasons.
Players registered in the Masters Division may register with one (1) additional team in the Open Division at this reduced rate. 
$70 per player
Reduced, half-season registration rate for Fall and Spring Seasons.
Players may register at this reduced cost after the fifth week of the season.


 *100% of player registration fees go to referee expenses, field permits & rental rates, field lining costs, equipment costs, and administrative expenses.
All WAWSL Board of Directors positions are unpaid, and administrative expenses include only required photocopies, office supplies, and postage for WAWSL business (primarily field contracts, issued payments, meeting materials and player pass supplies).

Registration fees are subject to change without notice, and only with WAWSL Board of Directors' approval. WAWSL will make every attempt to notify Team Representatives of updated registration fees in a timely manner.


$15 per player or $300 per team
No-referee penalty. This fee is applied if your team does not provide a certified player-referee to officiate a minimum of 5 games.
(Temporarily suspended)
$8 per player or $160 per team
Standard forfeit fee. The WAWSL Constitution and Bylaws list common forfeiture situations.
$4 per player or $80 per team
Reduced forfeit fee. If a team gives at least 72 hours’ notice that they cannot field a team for a game. The game still counts as a forfeit.  The reduced fee will also be charged for a team's first forfeit with less than 72 hours notice.



New referee subsidy, provided to WAWSL players
who complete a new referee course and then officiate
at least 5 league games.
Meant to cover the costs of the referee clinic.
This subsidy ONLY applies to new referee certification and does not apply to referee re-certification.
8-game referee bonus awarded to WAWSL player refs only who officiates 8 games in one season. 
Free Registration Experimental for Spring 2017provided to WAWSL players who officiate at least 4 league games.
10-game referee bonus awarded to WAWSL player refs only who officiates 10 games in one season.
(Temporarily suspended)
15-game referee bonus awarded to any WAWSL ref who officiates 15 games in one season.
(Temporarily suspended)
$3 per player/ $60 per team
Missed game reimbursement paid to the team representative for each game not played due to an opponent forfeiting, weather cancellations or other cancellation beyond the team’s control. (based on a 9 game season)
T-Shirts or $5-per-player Registration Refund
Team Choice: Division Champions t-shirts or $5-per-player discount on following season's registration, provided to players on the winning team in each division.