Women's Soccer in D.C. since 1982


MDCVSA Affiliation: What does it mean?

Washington Area Women's Soccer League is proud to be affiliated with the Metropolitan D.C. - Virginia Soccer Association (MDCVSA). The MDCVSA is a state-level member of the United States Adult Soccer Association (USASA). In turn, the USASA is a member of the United States Soccer Federation (USSF).

There are only two women's leagues in the DC Metro area with MDCVSA affiliation: WAWSL, and the Northern Virginia Women's Soccer League (NVWSL).*website unavailable

The support and resources WAWSL receives as an affiliated league are crucial to the long-term success of WAWSL, to our players' safety, and to the development of our referees. Additionally, MDCVSA, USASA and USSF work together towards the overall development of soccer within the United States. 

Support for Recreational Leagues, Teams, and Players

How does the Metropolitan D.C. - Virginia Soccer Association (MDCVSA) benefit you and your WAWSL teammates?

 The MDCVSA State Association provides general liability insurance of up to $2 million for member leagues. This level of insurance coverage is a standard requirement in most, if not all, field rental contracts. It is important piece-of-mind coverage for both the League and to the organizations and entities who allow WAWSL use of their fields.

SUPPLEMENTAL MEDICAL INSURANCE: MDCVSA also provides secondary medical insurance to uninsured and under-insured players, with a $400 deductible and a $10,000 maximum. A portion of WAWSL's affiliation fee goes to providing this medical coverage. Any player who may be injured in a WAWSL game is eligible to file for assistance to help defray medical costs. For more information on filing a claim, visit MDCVSA's Insurance Page.

REFEREE TRAINING, DEVELOPMENT, AND SAFETY: MDCVSA supports one of the best state referee programs in the country. MDCVSA's State Referee Program offers training for new officials, and provides assessments and advancement opportunities for experienced officials. 
In cases of referee abuse or referee assault, MDCVSA can handle the disciplinary hearing and any enforcement actions would carry state-wide for the offending player. In that capacity, the MDCVSA protects the interests of the referees, leagues and players.  For more information on the State Referee Program, visit

RECREATIONAL TOURNAMENT ASSISTANCE: MDCVSA actively supports affiliated tournaments, such as the Neptune Classic in Virginia Beach. In addition, they regularly sponsor the MDCVSA State Cup competition and run the in-state qualifying for the USASA National Cups. Affiliated players are also eligible to participate in the Select Team program.

LEAGUE CONSISTENCY AND PARTNERSHIPS: MDCVSA works to promote friendship and consistency across its member leagues. Through this impartial governing body, member leagues, teams, and players have a vote on everything pertaining to how the area's affiliated recreational soccer leagues are run, supported, and promoted.


Support for the United States Soccer Federation

SUPPORTING YOUTH SOCCER AND EDUCATION: The USSF has set aside resources for a total of eleven Youth National Teams in the U.S. (U-14 through U-23).The USSF and the U.S. Soccer Foundation (the charitable arm of the USSF) have developed the National Training Center in Los Angeles, along with the Brandenton Academy in Florida, to develop and educate these athletes. In addition to providing training and discipline so that these players may one day play on the national and international competitive stages, these development programs largely help young players work toward attending college on soccer scholarships, potentially playing on nationally-ranked college teams. These college teams, in addition to providing these players with a college education, are also the vehicle through which many of them will earn opportunties to play for MLS, WPS, and National Teams.

The U.S. Soccer Foundation also runs
a myriad of outreach efforts
in education-through-soccer. Their mission statement: "To enhance, assist and grow the sport of soccer in the United States. We view soccer as a powerful vehicle for social change and focus our efforts on programs and projects that improve the health and well-being of children in urban, economically disadvantaged communities." Through urban youth programs; grants for program development and field construction; equipment collection and donation; and public policy advocacy efforts, the U.S. Soccer Foundation provides avenues for personal growth and social change for youths nationwide.

COACHING EDUCATION: The U.S. Soccer Federation also has a 38-year tradition of certifying soccer coaches at various locations around the United States. USSF is committed to providing soccer coaches, from beginner to most advanced, with up-to-date theoretical and practical knowledge, so coaches across the United States can ensure that players develop to their full potential.They run a comprehensive National Coaching School, with youth through adult programs.

SUPPORTING SOCCER IN THE UNITED STATES AND INTERNATIONALLY: The USSF sets aside substantial resources for the U.S. Women's National Team (always within the top 3 teams in the world) and the U.S. Men's National Team (currently in the top 15 in the world). Other national USSF-supported teams include the U.S. Paralympic Team, the U.S. National Futsal Team, and the U.S. Beach Soccer Team.
Crisis Management and League Rebuilding: When the SARS crisis hit China in 2003, the USSF staged the Women's World Cup with only three months’ notice in order to avoid canceling this well-respected international competition. The tournament went forward and was a success, despite the unfortunate and untimely collapse of the WUSA (Women's United Soccer Association, the first-ever women's professional soccer league) just before the start of the tournament. Subsequently, with the support of USSF, the WUSA reorganized and reconfigured itself, emerging again in 2009 as the Women's Professional Soccer (WPS) League. Crucial to this rebirth of women's professional soccer was the USSF's continued support of its players: between 2003 and 2009, the USSF helped sustain semi-professional women's leagues such as the Women's Premier Soccer League (WPSL) and the USL W-League, where many of the players with WUSA teams continued playing competitive, semi-pro soccer until they were able to rejoin with the WPS in 2009.


Support for Professional and Semi-Professional Soccer Leagues

MDCVSA continues to support the efforts of the professional and semi-professional teams in the DC Metro area. This includes Major League Soccer (MLS), Women's Professional Soccer (WPS), the Women's Premiere Soccer League (WPSL), and the USL W-League, among others.


As you can see, the number of programs and opportunities for soccer players on the national and international level are numerous. But these programs can only exist with income from member organizations like the USASA and MDCVSA.  WAWSL's membership in the MDCVSA and USASA programs are paramount to the growth of U.S. soccer both domestically and internationally.