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Bringing a Team into WAWSL


 In addition to joining a WAWSL team as an individual, it is also possible to bring an entire team into the league. There are a few requirements that need to be met before the WAWSL Board will consider the team’s request.  The requirements are mainly in place to make sure the new team is serious about joining, has enough people to form a viable team, and to provide the Board with enough information to place them in the appropriate division.

1. The first requirement is that the team must submit a deposit of $250.  The deposit needs to be mailed to the WAWSL Treasurer no later than one month prior to the start of the season for which you want to join. Generally, this means the deposit should be received by February 15 to join for the Spring season and by July 15 for the Fall season.

If the Board rejects your application for admission into the league, this deposit will be returned to you.  The Board may reject an application for any reason including but not limited to: failure to meet minimum full-team application requirements, including minimum number of players; failure to apply before the given deadline; and/or lack of space in the division which best fits your team's ability and desired competition level.

If your application is approved and your team decides to join WAWSL: half of the deposit will be returned to you after your first season in the league, and the remainder of it will be returned after your second season.  If your team is admitted to the league but drops out for any reason before or during your first season -- including failure to register no fewer than 20 players -- WAWSL will keep the full deposit. If for any reason your team drops out before the end of their second season, WAWSL will keep the remainder of the deposit. Please note that the deposit is merely to secure a place in the league and does not constitute registration payment.  For more information on individual registration fees in WAWSL, please visit our
Fees and Credits page.

2. The second requirement is the submission of a roster of no fewer than 20 people, with a short description of each player's soccer experience (e.g. "has never played before"; "played as a kid, but not since then"; "played in college", etc.). The Board will use this information to determine the division in which the team will find the best fit. You may request a division, but this does NOT guarantee placement in that division. WAWSL will do their best to accomodate new teams' division requests based on the number and configuration of returning WAWSL teams. The Board will also look at the number of players you have on the roster to determine if you have enough players to form a solid team and are unlikely to forfeit games or have to fold during the season.  Players can often miss several games per season, you may suffer injuries, etc. and the Board will want to see a robust roster to feel the team is stable. To increase the chances of a long-term placement in WAWSL, we also ask that you be amenable to accepting additional players from the WAWSL New Player Waiting List as needed. 

3. In addition to the $250 deposit and 20-player preliminary roster, new team applications must include the name, address, telephone and e-mail address for at least TWO (2) Team Representatives. You must also indicate which of these two team reps will be the main contact, i.e. your main "Team Representative", for your team. This person will be considered the "$Manager" for your team, and will be the Board's primary contact person for all league communications. For more information on Team Representative duties and requirements, please see the "Team Duties" page.

** Note: New Teams created by the WAWSL New Player Program have a one-season 'bye' on referee requirement.

For exact deadlines, the address to send the deposit, and more details on the process of bringing a new team into the league, please contact the WAWSL Commissioner at