Women's Soccer in D.C. since 1982


 "I was a writing and soccer coach for three years with DC SCORES until I began teaching at a school without DC SCORES.  SCORES has such an amazing impact on the students.... it is a program that more schools should have."

- , Former Third Division Director and Team Rep for WMD 




WAWSL is forging a relationship with DC SCORES, a local organization that strives to strengthen urban public school communities through soccer and academic enrichment.  The DC SCORES after-school program gets local elementary students involved in soccer, creative writing, and community outreach.  This unique program started in a handful of schools in 1994.  By 2008, DC SCORES has incorporated 24 DC public and charter schools, 700+ local elementary students, and spread into a nationwide initiative, America SCORES.  



How can I help?

You can contribute to DC SCORES in many different ways. There is a need for:

Referees (Certification not required.)
Field Liners
Assistant Coaches
Creative Writing Tutors
Special Event Support


Referees are needed for 10 DC SCORES games each Thursday afternoon, 4pm – 6pm. The spring season runs April thru early June. The fall season runs September thru early November. Whether you can contribute regularly, or only once a season by taking a few hours off of work, your help is needed!* You don’t need to be a certified referee. The kids are mostly beginners ages 8 – 14. The focus is on learning and having fun, not on winning. DC SCORES will provide a t-shirt, whistle, and stopwatch for the volunteer referees. Having a car is useful for getting to many of the schools that aren’t near metro stops. However, it may be possible to carpool to the schools, so if you don’t have a car, you can still get involved.

*Special note to Federal Employees: The Office of Personel Management has issued official guidelines to support the efforts of government employees to participate in volunteer activities. Arrangments include flexible scheduling, compensatory time off, and paid administrative leave. Click here to read the official OPM guidelines.

Field Liners

Want to help, but can't get free on Thursday afternoons? DC SCORES also needs volunteers to help keep the fields freshly lined. No experience necessary. DC SCORES will provide the paint and lining equipment; you provide your own transportation to the fields to line them every other week at your own convenience. Once again, this commitment can be an ongoing relationship or an occasional activity.

Assistant Coaches

You can partner with one of the participating schools and help run their after-school practices. The practices meet two afternoons a week, plus a game on Thursday afternoons. The head coach is a teacher from the school who has already developed a relationship with the students, but may not have much soccer background. You can help by bringing your knowledge of the game and working with the teacher/coach to develop fun practice drills.

Creative Writing Tutors

You enjoy soccer, but your true love is creative writing? You can help with the reading and writing aspect of the program by volunteering as a tutor at their after-school sessions. Click here to read some of the poetry produced by DC SCORES students.

Special Events Support

DC SCORES organizes several special events throughout the year. They need help setting up fields, distributing lunches, staffing information tables, etc. Click here for more information on upcoming events.


Who do I contact?

To find out more information about volunteering, contact DC SCORES Communications and Events Director, Tohry Petty, at  , or the volunteer coodinator at  .

You can also contact the WAWSL Chair at for more information.






Why should I volunteer?

By volunteering for DC SCORES, you are contributing to the physical, emotional, and social development of area children. Your volunteer work will help DC SCORES continue to provide a stimulating after-school program that gets kids excited about soccer and creative writing.






How does volunteering for DC SCORES help support WAWSL?

Volunteering for DC SCORES will help develop a positive reputation for WAWSL in the DC community. Our relationship with community organizations directly impacts our ability to use area fields. Furthermore, if WAWSL hopes to eventually secure quality field space by renovating a local field, we will need to build strong local partnerships. For this to happen, we need to clearly demonstrate the positive impact that WAWSL can make in the DC community.




What is the WAWSL Reward Program?

In addition to the satisfaction of providing an enriching experience to DC elementary students, you can also earn some benefits for yourself and your WAWSL team. Each season, we will track the hours that each person and team volunteers to DC SCORES. The team that volunteers the most hours will be awarded with $5 off the registration fee for their entire team the following season. WAWSL will also award the individual with the most volunteer hours with a FREE registration.* To get credit for your volunteer hours, please fill out the DC SCORES Report Form.

* Minimum requirement for the team award is 12 volunteer hours, with involvement of at least 2 players on your team. Minimum requirement for the individual award is 10 volunteer hours.




 Which schools participate in DC SCORES?

 We are currently in 24 schools this year:

Ward 1
Bancroft Elementary School
Columbia Heights Educational Campus
H.D. Cooke Elementary School
Marie Reed Learning Center
Tubman Elementary School

Ward 2
Thomson Elementary School

Ward 4
Brightwood Education Campus
MacFarland Middle School
Raymond Education Campus
Truesdell Education Campus

Ward 5
Brookland Elementary School
Hyde Leadership Public Charter School
Elsie Whitlow Stokes Community Freedom Public Charter School

Ward 6
Jefferson Junior High School

Ward 7
Aiton Elementary School
Arts and Technology Academy
Anne Beers Elementary School
Burrville Elementary School
C.W. Harris Elementary School
César Chávez Public Charter Middle School for Public Policy
Kelly Miller Middle School
Smothers Elementary School

Ward 8
Howard Road Academy
Turner Elementary School

Map of Ward Boundaries

Each school enrolls 16 girls and 16 boys in the DC Scores program.

Where can I find out more about DC SCORES?

Visit www.DCSCORES.org, contact Tohry Petty at  , or our volunteer coordinator at