Women's Soccer in D.C. since 1982


WAWSL Home Field Advantage Program

In response to increasing competition for available field space in the Washington DC Metropolitan Area, WAWSL has instituted the Home Field Advantage Program to encourage our players to help secure conveniently located and well-maintained fields for the league. 



What is the Home Field Advantage Program?

The Home Field Advantage Program promises "Home Field Advantage" to the team of a player who secures a field for WAWSL.  Home Field Advantage means the team will play 5 of their 10 games per season at the specified field.  If the field is permitted to WAWSL for fewer than 5 games, then the team will play as many games as possible at the field, up to 5.  Your team will maintain “Home Field Advantage” for 2 years from the time the field is first permitted to WAWSL.

What type of fields do we need?


We need soccer fields that are at least 100 yards by 60 yards.  High quality grass or synthetic turf are preferred, but we will consider any reasonable option, especially in the fall when WAWSL typically experiences a field shortage. 


The field needs to be available for Saturday games during our fall and/or spring season from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm.  If only a few Saturdays are available at a particular field, we may still be interested in getting a permit.  Alternatively, if only morning slots or afternoon slots are available, we can also consider the field.  However, full day permits for at least 3 Saturdays per season are preferred.


We are ideally looking for metro-accessible fields (less than 0.75 mi from a metro station), but we will also consider non-metro accessible fields within 15 miles of downtown Washington.  The accessibility of the field will greatly influence WAWSL's decision to pursue a permit.




How can I secure a field?


Do you live near a field that you’d like to play on?  Research the field and find out what is involved with getting permission to use it. 


Did you go to high school or university in the area?  Alumni connections can be very powerful to get field access at local schools and universities. 


Do you teach at local school?  Find out if WAWSL can use your soccer field on Saturdays.


Do you have a connection through your job to any parks, schools, recreation centers, etc that have available field space? 




Who should I contact if I have a lead?


If you have a field you want to pursue, you should first contact Morgan Frontczak, the WAWSL Field Coordinator, at .  She maintains a database of over 40 area fields with information regarding any recent attempts to gain permits.  She can provide results of recent conversations regarding use of the field, which may be helpful as your pursue your lead.  You should also keep her informed of your progress so that she can keep the database up to date.  Morgan will give you details of how much we can consider paying for field permits.  She can also determine whether the field you have in mind is of interest to WAWSL.


Which teams have participated in the Home Field Advantage Program?

Jessie Kratz on the Mudslingers in the Premier Division got us a permit for five Saturdays at Trinity field in Northeast DC for Spring 2006.

Sara Bensen on the Blizzards in the Premier Division got us a permit for three Saturday mornings at Virginia Highlands synthetic field in Arlington for Spring 2006.


Why do organizations want to permit their fields to WAWSL?


WAWSL is proud to be a good steward of all of our fields.  We do not leave trash at a field.  We do not play in wet conditions that could damage a field.  We follow all rules for each of our fields, such as no dogs, restricted parking, etc.


Furthermore, WAWSL is affiliated locally with the Metropolitan D.C. Virginia Soccer Association (MDCVSA), and nationally with the United States Soccer Federation (USSF).  The MDCVSA State Association provides liability insurance covering up to $2 million in damages.  The State Association also provides secondary health insurance for all of our players.  Our games are sanctioned by the MDCVSA and are officiated by a 3-person referee team.