Women's Soccer in D.C. since 1982


Refereeing in Other Leagues

There are many leagues and referee assignors in the Washington DC area. This list is a small sampling of the referee opportunities available.

Covers: DC Stoddert Soccer League
Game Type: Youth games
Where: Washington DC
When: Saturdays
Web Site: www.stoddert.com/referees/index_E.html
Notes: As with any youth soccer games, be ready to deal with the silly parents.

Assignor: Anita Hood of DC/NOVA Referee Unit
Phone: 703-780-4542
Covers: Approximately 10 amateur (adult) leagues and some private high schools
Game Type: Men's, women's, and coed amateur; every day of the week
Where: Mainly Northern Virginia, also Washington DC
When: Every day of the week
Web Site: www.dcnova-referee.org
Notes: Anita has been a referee assignor for many years. If you want to do some challenging games, become a solid referee, and work your way up the referee political network, you'll be doing games for Anita sometime. Her biggest tournament is the Virginian youth tournament, which is Memorial Day weekend.

Assignor: Bonnie Ahearn
Phone: 703-281-2470
Covers: Youth tournaments on holiday weekends
Game Type: Youth
Where: Mainly Northern Virginia, also Montgomery County MD
When: Holiday weekends
Web Site: www.chezref.com
Notes: Bonnie's been a referee assignor for many years, and specializes on tournaments. The WAGS tournament, every Columbus Day weekend is undoubtedly the highest-quality girls' tournament in the nation. If you officiate games during that tournament, you will meet some outstanding national-level referees.