Women's Soccer in D.C. since 1982

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The home team, indicated with a (h) on the schedule, should bring alternate jerseys or white t-shirts in the case of a color conflict.  Failure to provide alternate jerseys could result in a forfeit.  The following list of jersey colors is provided for your benefit, but it is possible that there are errors or omissions in the list.   The home team should always be prepared to change into alternate jerseys.

Primary jerseys must all be matching in color and have unique numbers on the back.  Alternate jerseys should all match, but they don't need numbers on the back. 

Team Primary Jersey Color
1st Division  
Boxers Yellow
CapNu Teal
Independents Black
Mudslingers Light Blue
The Feds Navy and White
2nd Division  
Blue Steel Royal Blue
Booters Red
Honey Badgers Navy Blue
Maroon VIII Maroon/Red
Spice Girls Red
Victorious Secret Royal Blue
Classic Division  
First Ladies White and Red
Geckos Locos Forest Green
Psychedelic Furs Gray
Smash Royal Blue
Superheroes Light Purple
Masters Division  
Twisted Sisters Purple
United FC Royal Blue
Vintage Feds Light Blue
Violent Femmes Lime Green