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"Twisted Sisters" Team Information

This information was updated on Sunday, September 10, 2006

We are forming a new over-30 team for the fall 2006 season, the "Twisted Sisters".  The team captains are and  .  If you are interested in joining the team, send an e-mail to Monica and Kathy. 

For the next practice or game, bring:

   ==> WATER!

   ==> Shinguards. (Mandatory for games, and highly recommended for practices.)

   ==> Soccer shoes. (Once again, soccer shoes are mandatory for games, and recommended for practices.)

   ==> A white t-shirt and a dark (blue or black) t-shirt, so we can easily break into two teams for the scrimmage.

   ==> You do not need to bring a soccer ball to the next practice.  Bring a ball if it's easy.  If you're coming to practice straight from work, don't worry about bring a ball.

Rainout Info:  If the fields are wet, call the WAWSL Hotline (703-827-7907) to see if games are "on" or "off".

For more information about the Over-30 Division, check out the "Frequently Asked Questions O-30" page.