Women's Soccer in D.C. since 1982


Summer 2009

  1. Vixens forfeit against Cap Tease on 7/13/2009.  $25/$40
  2. Blue Bayou forfeit against Cherry Bombs on 7/13/2009 $25/$40

Spring 2009

  1. Raiders forfeit against Crush on March 28th.  Already paid fine.  $0/$60.
  2. Smash forfeit against Twisted Sisters on April 11th.  $4/$60.
  3. Killer Tomatoes forfeited against Aftershock due to use of unregistered player on April 18th.  $4/$0.
  4. Mob Squad forfeits against Vixens due to lack of player passes on May 30th.  $4/$0.
  5. FTSC forfeits against Cherry Bombs on June 6th.  $4/$60.
  6. Mudslingers forfeit against DC Ramblers on June 13th.  $4/$60.
  7. Blue Steel forfeit against Nuisance on June 13th.  $4/$60.
  8. The Feds forfeit against Red Hots on June 20th $0/$60.
  9. Cap Tease forfeits against Fusion on Jun 20th $4/$60.
  10. FTSC forfeit against Shooters & Chasers on June 20th.  $8/$60.
Spring 2009 Referee Fines:  Cherry Bombs; Mob Squad.

Fall 2008
  1. WMD forfeits against Superheroes on August 23rd.  $4/$60.
  2. Cap Tease forfeits against Ramblers on October 18th. 2 days notice. $4/$60.
Fall 2008 Ref Fines:  Ramblers, Mob Squad, Cherry Bombs

Spring 2008
  1. Shooters and Chasers against Mudslingers on April 19th.  Forgot passes.  $4/$60.
  2. Fanatics FC against Shots on April 23rd.  Late net.  $4/$60.
  3. Blizzards forfeit against Mudslingers on May 8th.  Not enough players.  $4/$60.
  4. Mudslingers against FTSC on June 7th.  Advance notice.  $4/$60
  5. Blue Bayou against Cherry Bombs on June 7th.  $4/$60.
  6. FTSC against RedRum on June 14th.  Not enough players. $4/$60.
  7. First Ladies against Aftershock on June 19th.  Not enough players. $4/$60.
  8. WMD against Twisted Sisters on June 21st. Advance notice.  $4/$60.
  9. Cap Tease against Blue Bayou on June 25th.  Not enough players.  $4/$60.
>Over-30 >First Ladies (4/5)
>Championship>Blue Bayou
>Championship>Cherry Bombs
>Championship>Mob Squad
>Over-30 >Violent Femmes
>Premier >DC Ramblers

Fall 2007
  1. Shots against Fanatics on August 25th.  No fee b/c of injury.  (heat stroke)
  2. Cap Tease against DC Strikers on Sept 22.  $4/$0  (scrimmage, late passes)
  3. Geckos against The Feds on Sept 29.  $4/$60.
  4. Booters forfeit against Fanatics on Sept 29. $4/$60.   (late goals)
  5. Blue Bayou against Cap Tease on Sept 29.  $4/$60.  (late net)
  6. WMD forfeits against Crush on Sept 29.  $4/$60. (late net)
  7. Geckos forfeit against Superheroes on October 20th. 72 hours notice. $4/$60.
  8. Geckos forfeit against Crush on November 3rd.  $8/$60
  9. Geckos forfeit against WMD on Nov 10th $8/$60
  10. Riptide forfeits against Boxers on Nov 10th $4/$60
  11. FTFC forfeits against Mudslingers on Nov 10th $4/$60

Summer 2007

  1. Shooters and Chasers against Blizzards on August 2nd.
  2. A-Team/Nuisance against The Heat on August 8th.
  3. Blizzards against DC Ramblers on August 9th.
  4. Cap Tease against Shooters & Chasers on August 16th.
  5. Cap Tease versus Phoenix on August 20th.
  6. Cherry Bombs versus The Heat on August 22.
  7. Flanders versus Cap Tease on August 23.

Spring 2007

  1. Fanatics FC forfeit against Cherry Bombs on April 14th.  $4/$60.  (refs get paid)
  2. Riptide forfeits against Las Panteras on April 14th.  $4/$60. (refs get paid)
  3. Riptide forfeits against Cap Tease on May 5th.  72 hours notice.  $4/$60.
  4. Smash forfeits against Killer Tomatoes on May 5th.  $4/$60.
  5. Cap Tease forfeits against FTSC on May 12th.  $4/$60. (refs get paid)
  6. Boxers forfeit against Cherry Bombs on June 2nd.  $4/$60 (refs get paid)
  7. Geckos forfeit against Nuisance on June 9th.  72 hours notice.  $4/$60. 
  8. Boxers forfeit against Vanguards on June 16th.  $8/$60.

Fall 2006

  1. First Ladies forfeits against Violent Femmes on August 26th, 2006. $4/$60
  2. Red Hots forfeit against Fanatics FC on August 26th, 2006.  Fanatics play scrimmage against Vanguards and do not receive reimbursement. $4/$0
  3. Riptide forfeits against Flanders FC on September 9th, 2006. $4/$60
  4. Cap Tease forfeits against Las Panteras on September 16th, 2006.  $4/$60
  5. Barracudas forfeits against Vixens on September 16th, 2006.  Game played.  Forfeit due to unregistered player.  Vixens do not receive reimbursement. $4/$0
  6. RedRum forfeits against Independents on October 14th, 2006.  Game played.  Forfeit due to unregistered player.  Independents do not receive reimbursement. $4/$0
  7. Killer Tomatoes forfeit against Violent Femmes on October 21st, 2006.  $4/$60.
  8. Smash forfeits against Twisted Sisters on November 4th, 2006.  Players scrimmaged so I'm unsure if Twisted Sisters gets a credit.  $4/?
  9. First Ladies forfeit against Psychedelic Furs on November 18th, 2006.  72 hours notice given.  $0/$0 All games cancelled on November 18th.
  • September 30th game Fusion vs The Feds cancelled due to permit issue at Catholic.  $60 refund for Fusion for missed game.  No refund to The Feds because they still have a 10 game season.
  • All November 18th games were cancelled due to poor field conditions. 

Summer 2006

  1. Riptide forfeits against Shooters and Chasers on August 3rd, 2006
  2. Red Hots forfeit against Booters on August 5th, 2006
  3. DC Dominatrix forfeits against Riptide on August 24th 2006
  4. Boxers forfeit against Shooters and Chasers on August 24th 2006, 72 hours notice given
  5. Riptide forfeits against Cap Tease on August 31st