Women's Soccer in D.C. since 1982


Issues to discuss at the next board meeting


  • Forfeit policy for mismatched/unnumbered jerseys
  • Forfeit policy for incomplete passes (define freebie week)
  • Constitution update by AnnaLisa
  • Formalize ref payment in case of forfeit.  How many hours notice.
  • Define situation when player-ref's games are counted - what about forfeits/rainouts when there is little opportunity to make up the game

March 5 Meeting

  • Division Alignment
  • Approve registration payments
  • Starting Fall season in August, implication for number of teams
  • New player practices
  • Field update for spring season



Dec Meeting

  • lump sum fee payment
  • review forfeit policy and fee structure
    • official deadline when refs still get paid
  • incorporating rosters into player pass/registration checks
  • switching to 6 team divisions
  • team cap for the league
  • Washington Freedom feed into the league
  • Afghan charity