Women's Soccer in D.C. since 1982


References for Team Reps

Below you will find handy links to documents and information to help manage your team.   

  1. Game Reports and Player Stats:  Click here for instructions on how to file a game report.  (pdf document)
  2. Player Pass and Registration FAQs: Click here for answers to common registration and player pass questions.
  3. Assembling Player Passes:  Click here for information on assembling player passes. (Word document)
  4. Portable Goals: Click here for instructions on setting up the portable goals.  
  5. Field Permits:  Click here to print out our field permits. (pdf documents)
  6. Fees and Credits:  Click here for an overview of WAWSL fees and credits.
  7. Equipment:  Consider buying team jerseys and equipment from one of WAWSL's sponsorsRemember to use the links from our site so they will know you found them through WAWSL. You can also find a list of area stores here.
  8. Constitution:  Click here to read over the WAWSL Constitution and by-laws.
  9. Insurance:  Click here to read more about the secondary health insurance benefits available to registered WAWSL players injured in a league-sanctioned game.