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Frequently Asked Questions about the Masters Division
(previously known as the "Over-30 Divisions")

I'm turning 30 during calendar year 2011. Can I play?
Yes! Masters teams are open to all players who will be 30 or above anytime during calendar year 2011.

I'm turning age 30 next year (in 2012). Can I play with the Masters crowd?
No, you will need to wait until next year.

I'm way north of age 30. Can I play?
Absolutely! Currently, the average age in the Masters Division is 36, and there are more than a couple players in the division with kids...in college.

I currently play on an Open Division (Division 3 through Premier) WAWSL team, but I'm getting older. Can I join a Masters team? 
Yes!  If you are already on a WAWSL team in D1, D2 D3 or Premier, you should contact the Masters Division directors at to discuss placement.  In addition, players in the Open Divisions are allowed to dual-register and play on both an open-age team and a Masters team. Dual registering for an Open Division team and a Masters team is the ONLY instance where players are allowed to play on more than one WAWSL team.

I want to play, but I can't make every game. What should I do?
Everyone in WAWSL has multiple commitments to juggle. But remember, if a team has too many no-shows on any given game day and cannot field seven players, they have to forfeit the game. That results in a hefty penalty in your team's point standings AND in a monetary fine for the entire team. And also a lot of very annoyed teammates. which is bad for morale.
WAWSL teams play nine games per season. If you can make at least six or seven of these games, then you should join a team. If you can make only five or fewer games, talk to your Team Representative to discuss options. And be prepared to hear that there may not be room on a roster for part-time players. Some teams just consider it too high a risk when standings points and finances are at stake. And please don't hesitate to come back the following season! Our teams usually welcome ANY player who is willing and able to show up for games!

When are the games?
Games are orginally scheduled for Saturdays. They can start at any time of the day -- as early as 8:00am, and as late as 4:30pm. The Spring Season begins in late March, and runs through the mid to late June, with Memorial Day Weekend (and occasionally Easter weekend) as holiday weeks (no games originally scheduled). The fall season begins in late August and runs through early to mid November, with Labor Day Weekend as a holiday week. 
Though we build rainout weeks into the end of our regular season, sometimes the rain wins and we run out of field space for make-up games on Saturdays. In these cases, and on the rare occasions we may have a field conditions or scheduling issue, we may need to reschedule your game for a Sunday or weeknight evening. We do everything we can to accomodate players' schedules when this happens, but you may need to be flexible once in a while.

Where are the games? Games are most often played in Washington, DC or Montgomery County, MD. The league spends a great deal of time securing usage of anywhere from 5 to 10 different fields, depending on the season and area field availability. For a full list of WAWSL fields, click here. PLEASE NOTE: We do NOT use every field on this list every season! This is a master list of all the fields WAWSL may or may not have at our disposal. The actual facility list changes from season to season, depending on availability, cost, condition, and any number of other factors out of WAWSL's control.

When and where are the practices?
Team practices are entirely up to the discretion of WAWSL teams themselves. Some teams practice, some don't. If you're interested in a team that practices but you're placed on a team that doesn't, reach out to the other WAWSL teams. Many teams combine practices and/or hold weeknight pickup games where all players are welcome.

**Practices for New-to-WAWSL and/or New-to-Soccer Players: 
Prior to the start of each season, WAWSL's New Player Coordinators hold New Player Practices to recruit new players (of all ages) to the league. Practices for the Spring Season are on Saturdays in early March; practices for the Fall Season are on Saturdays in mid-August. They typically start around 9AM and are located on the Polo or Lincoln Memorial fields in downtown Washington, DC. Details for these practices can always be found on the WAWSL homepage in March and August.
If you would like WAWSL to try to find a place for you on an exisiting WAWSL team, you MUST complete a New Player Form and attend one of these New Player Practices. For more information on the New Player Practices and placement procedures, please read our
How to Join page.
How good are all the other players who will show up at the New Player Practices?
Generally, 20% are new to soccer and haven't played another team sport since elementary school; 20% are new to soccer but have experience with other team sports (basketball, rugby, etc.); 35% played soccer a lot in grade school and high school but then gave it up during the college years and are returning to the sport years later; 25% have played soccer consistently their whole lives.

I played back when I was a kid, but it's been 10-15 years and I'm out of shape. Can I play?
Yes! In fact, probably 50% of the folks who will eventually join a team will fall into this player category. We encourage folks who have taken a long soccer lay-off to come back to the sport.

I was a former D1 college soccer player. Do I still want to play on a Masters team?
Yes! Just because our players are 30 or older doesn't mean the games are always slower or less aggressive than the Open Division games. Beginning in Fall 2008, WAWSL was able to divide the Masters Division into two subdivisions according to the players' desired levels of experience and competitiveness. Many of the players on Masters 1 teams have played on or are dual-registered with Open Division teams in the Premier and First Divisions, and many have competitive high school and college playing experience.

I'm in! I really want to play! But I don't know anyone on a WAWSL team, and I can't attend a New Player Practice. Can I just register anyway?
No, for several reasons: Team Reps need to keep a handle on their roster sizes, so they need to know in advance who to expect to register each season. Therefore, ALL players MUST have their Team Representative's permission to register. Players who register without asking are not guaranteed a spot on that or any WAWSL team (and this is noted in the registration instructions).

When it comes to assigning new-to-WAWSL players to existing WAWSL teams, we've discovered that the players who make time for a New Player Practice are also the folks who are more likely to show up for their games. Therefore, players who show up at a practice get priority placement on teams. It keeps no-shows down and our Team Reps happy.
Depending on the number of interested individuals each season, new players will either be placed on existing teams or a New Team will be formed.  Once a season has started, a waitlist will be kept should teams need additional players throughout the season. If the season has already started and you are interested in being waitlisted for a team, or you wish to be notified of the next season’s New Player Practice, you should fill out our 
New Player Form.

I'm completely new to soccer or new to FIFA Laws of the Game. What are the rules?
WAWSL follows all current FIFA Laws of the Game for all Divisions (both Open and Masters).
What teams are currently in the Masters Divisions?
  • Aftershock / formed Spring 2008 (maroon)
  • First Ladies / formed Fall 2005 (white/red)
  • Killer Tomatoes / formed Spring 2006 (red)
  • Old School / formed Fall 2009 (kelly green)
  • Psychedelic Furs / formed Fall 2004 (sky blue)
  • Smash / Spring 2004 (blue/yellow)
  • Twisted Sisters / formed Fall 2006 (purple)
  • Violent Femmes / formed Spring 2005 (lime green)
For Masters sub-division standings and the most reason season results, see "Rosters and Stats" > Standings from the top menu.

I have another question that wasn't answered here. Who can I talk to?
Send our Masters Division Directors an e-mail at .