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Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Registration and Player Passes

Below, you will find answers to some of your most burning questions about registration and player passes! These answers apply ONLY to Spring and Fall seasons. If you have specific questions about Summer season, please contact the .

How do I make a player pass? 
Click here to get instructions on creating a player pass.

Does everyone need a player pass?
All WAWSL players must be registered to participate in league games. Your proof of registration is your player pass. Every team MUST have passes for players ready by the deadline. If you had a last-minute registration, that player must bring their receipt and photo ID to prove they are registered.

I lost my pass, can I get a new one?
You must pay a $5 replacement fee to get a new pass. Contact the for information on how to get it.

I don't know if I have a player pass or not.
Your team representative should know if they have a pass for you.

I am registered to play on an open AND an over-30 team. Do I need two passes? (DOES NOT APPLY TO SUMMER SEASON)
No. Just bring your pass with you to both of your games.

I got an error message when I registered.
Contact the .

How many players can a team register as substitutes?
Each team can have no more than two substitute players for each season.

What is the password for registering substitutes?
Contact your team rep, or if you ARE the team rep, contact the  .

When does the player fee go down?
Fees are reduced halfway through each season.

How long can a player show their registration receipt in lieu of a player pass?
Players can only use their receipt as proof of registration for 2 weeks. After that, team reps should have their player pass ready.

When are player passes and registration materials sent out?
Player passes and registration stickers are mailed out in bulk to a team's "Manager$" on the first Monday after the registration deadline. After that, materials for folks that register after the deadline are mailed out to reps every Monday.

My last name has changed, do I need a new pass?
You may continue to use your old pass, unless you prefer a new one that reflects the new name.

I changed teams, can I still use my old pass?

My player has a pass for another USASA-affiliated league, can she use that for WAWSL games?
Passes can be used for WAWSL if they are either (1) valid for the seasonal year (ie, through August 2011) or (2) the back of the pass can be fully covered with WAWSL's registration sticker. You will have to add a "Spring" or "Summer" sticker to the back of the pass to prove the player is registered with WAWSL for that season.

Where can I get passes laminated?
All passes come with a lamination sleeve. You can either go to Kinko's to get the pass laminated, or you can use a hot iron and a thin cloth to warm the sleeve so that it will laminate the pass.

Do I have to get the pass signed before I can laminate?
No, players can sign the pass with permanent marker after it has been laminated.