Women's Soccer in D.C. since 1982

Summer Season Rules

There are a few special rules/condition for the 7v7 weeknight summer season to facilitate play on smaller fields with shorter halves:
  1. No slide tackles.
  2. Goalkeeper cannot punt the ball – must throw ball.
  3. Goal kicks must make contact with the ground or a player before crossing the center line. Otherwise an indirect free kick awarded to the opponent.
  4. Rolling substitutions - you do not need to wait for a stoppage in play or permission from the officials.
  5. No offside (although flagrant cherry picking is discouraged and may be cautioned by the official as unsportsmanlike conduct).
  6. One-person referee system and no team referee requirement.
  7. 10-minute grace period from scheduled kickoff to have equipment in place and at least 5 players on the field – otherwise it is a forfeit.  Games are only 50 minutes, so don't be late.
  8. Forfeit fee is $50 and will be taken out of your deposit. If you give 72 hours advance notice, the forfeit fee will be reduced.  Forfeits are also a 0-3 loss and -1 in the standings.  Please, no forfeits!