Women's Soccer in D.C. since 1982


WAWSL's Insurance


Through MSCVSA, WAWSL provides liability insurance of up to $2 million for member leagues. This level of insurance coverage is a standard requirement in most, if not all, field rental contracts.  It is important piece-of-mind coverage for both the League and the organizations and entities who allow WAWSL use of their fields.

Supplemental Medical Insurance

MDCVSA also provides secondary medical insurance to uninsured and under-insured players a $10,000 maximum. A portion of WAWSL's MDCVSA affiliation fee goes to providing this medical coverage. All players properly registered with the MDCVSA receive Participant Accident Insurance. This insurance policy covers medical and dental expenses for injuries sustained during WAWSL games. Any player who may be injured in a WAWSL game is eligible to file for assistance to help defray medical costs. For MDCVSA's official Insurance Summary document, and to find out how to file a medical claim, visit MDCVSA's Insurance Page.